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Allow us to introduce ourselves. We are Galileo Processing, the global leader in financial services technology. You have probably just heard of us...

...but we've been doing business in Utah for more than 16 years now. We are headquartered right at the entrance of Big Cottonwood Canyon. We are leading a growing industry in the financial sector . prepaid, credit and debit transaction processing. It's more than just plastic cards, it's web sites, SMS messages, marketing, account management, accounting, HR, legal, operations, backend development, systems administration, database administration, client support, IT, customer service and a host of other services.

We harbor all of these different services in-house and offer our clients a complete turn-key solution by hiring the best and the brightest people to work together creating something new, something innovative, and something that keeps us a few steps ahead of our competitors. We have a great team. If you are an outstanding individual we'd like you to join us.

Learn more about Galileo Processing: visit our quick facts page or leave this website and check out our corporate website.

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About Galileo

Galileo Processing, the global leader in financial services technology, is defining the future of transaction processing. We pioneered next-generation processing. We are currently looking to hire the best employees in Salt Lake City, Utah.

® 2017 Galileo Processing, Inc. If you are looking for information on our corporation please visit our corporate website, www.galileoprocessing.com

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